Running 13, 13.1's in 2013 and the thoughts along the way!

Why oh Why?

on February 6, 2013

Why Oh Why?


Why do I run? This is a thought that I mull over often, and I think the “Why” changes often.  Sure it’s for the obvious reasons staying healthy, feeling good, etc. But really why do I get up at the crack of down and run in 5 degree weather?

I think about how I have ended up with an addiction to a sport that requires such dedication and commitment with hours of time spent by myself grinding out miles in the freezing cold and blistering heat.

Maybe it was my early days…

Its hard to say when I started “running” but I did decide to take on my first 5k in college, before that I participated in High School Track (I use the term participate lightly, more to come in a few minutes) and was a competitive roller skater, yes a competitive roller skater…this will probably become a post all on its own some day. But I chose non-team sports for the most part, things that I could do on my own, which makes sense as I am pretty introverted. All of the sports also required tons of dedication, not to say that other sports don’t require dedication, but growing up I was at the rink both weekend days from about 6a-noon. As a 15 year old, I didn’t know I was supposed to sleep in and be lazy on the weekends, and Saturday morning cartoons, what are those???  So running was a good fit in doing a sport that was all up to me and requires 100% dedication.

Maybe it’s my love for AWFUL spectator sports…

I like sports a lot, but as for the ones I participate in, they are not the most exciting for spectators. First it was roller-skating, as I said there will more to come on this in the future for now we are going to think roller-skating is a normal sport for a kid to participate in. Roller-skating, maybe you think of Derby or even jumping and spinning to fun music? Nope, I participated in the most boring event, “Figures”, which means I traced a line three times and skated off, no jumps, no spins, no fun music. Did I mention this event was held at 5a, before the exciting events took place? Then there was Crew…I rowed in college on our club team, cool right? Sure this one was a little more exciting and even involved interacting with others, but as far as watching, fans were expected to stand on the shore at 6a only to see our boat come and go in less than a minute. So with my track record, running fits well, early mornings, a lot of waiting and about 2 minutes of me running towards them saying hi and running on.

Maybe it’s my determination even though not being very athletic….

As mentioned I participated on the High School track team, now I use that term loosely as I was the slowest kid on the team, so they put me on Javelin, where I succeeded to be the only contestant to throw the Jav end over end…but it was the first high school team that allowed me to join. This was after being cut from a Lacrosse team that did not have cuts and after two days of getting whacked with field hockey balls and I hung up my funny little stick.  I made a lot of friends and had a blast each spring. While not being the best, I still was determined to be on the team each spring and do the best I could. Back to roller skating, not only did I compete in this unique sport, I wasn’t that good…but I still stuck with it for 10 years, only to win one trophy (there were only 3 people in my event that day) again I was committed to this activity and was proud to be part of it which seemed to keep me involved more than winning trophies. Which brings me to running, I am not fast, I know this and I am not trying to win, but this sport allows me to compete against myself everyday and if I don’t do that well, it doesn’t matter because it is all up to me.

The why I think will always be a question, but there are definitely things in my growing up that have led me to this crazy sport! Why do you run?

Run On-


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