Running 13, 13.1's in 2013 and the thoughts along the way!

See the Hill…Be the Hill

on February 27, 2013


So my most recent race inspired this post and I figured I would share my views on hills. I have not met a runner who says they love hills, but I think a hilly course can cause a love/hate relationship. In the past, I would get angry, very angry when I was out on a hilly course. They put me in a bad mood and just made me wish the race was over. Lately, I have tried to change my attitude towards hills and for the most part it has made my runs better.

The first thing I have changed is noticing how strong I can be getting up a hill, when I focus on my strength rather than the size of the hill, its over before I can get angry. I actually have less knee pain (which I have been feeling more and more lately) when I run a hilly course. Compared to Manhattan which was only a few weeks ago, my body felt alot better throughout the race.

The next thing that worked really well for me at my last race, was staring at the shoes of someone in front of me. Reading that back, I sound like a creep, but really just look at the persons heels and focus on their feet, its distracting and something about watching someone elses feet helps forget about the pain you might be feeling.

Finally, I try to like the hill I am running. I try to remind myself at every race, that I am lucky to be in this race and that I am fortunate to be healthy and running. Same goes for the hill, I am running the hill to be healthy and feel a sense of accomplishment, how could I get angry at that????

My only other bit of advice, while I don’t think I could ever prepare for the hills in Colchester, try to run hills often. Big ones, little ones, maybe something you usually wouldn’t attempt…try it! Hills have a place in your training, hopefully you can find a way to love them…ok at least try to like them?

Run On-


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