Running 13, 13.1's in 2013 and the thoughts along the way!

Thinkin’ on Thursdays

on March 7, 2013

It’s Thursday and it is snowing once again…doesn’t seem to be sticking but looks like its going to snow until tomorrow…ugh. Here is the latest thoughts:

This mornings run reminded me that we are far from putting winter behind us and we could get plenty more snow this month

Although the thought of more winter makes me very sad, it is supposed to be 50 this weekend for my Oceans Run Half down in Kingstown RI. Looking forward to a run along the beach!

Planning to reorg some of my races (Still getting 13 in, just moving a few around) so that I can participate in the Tough Mudder on June 1st. Do I really want to jump in cold water and then get zapped by live wires while running 10 miles? Absolutely! 

Loving the smoothie I made this week, can’t get enough of it! 3/4c frozen blueberries, 1/2c plain nonfat greek yogurt, Tbsp agave nectar, Tbsp Cocoa Powder, 3-4 ice cubes, about 3/4c water, pinch of Guar and Xanthan Gum. Blend and enjoy! 

Just a little over a week from Saint Patricks Day which is one of my favorite holidays for many reasons, among them  the Dropkick Murphy Show and Irish Car Bombs

Enjoy your weekend!

Run On-


One response to “Thinkin’ on Thursdays

  1. nancylpeterson says:

    Glad to hear that St. Patrick’s Day is one of your favorite holidays! You were raised right!

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