Running 13, 13.1's in 2013 and the thoughts along the way!

3 down…10 to go! Ocean’s Run Recap

on March 11, 2013


Have I really already run 3 half marathons this year? Hard to believe but the Ocean’s Run by Trimom Races was another GREAT race. While I know all of them cannot be great, I have been lucky so far with 3 really positive experiences. I think the highlight for this race was the weather and being right on the ocean. It really felt like we are turning a corner in the seasons. It was cold in the morning, to the point my hands and feet were numb but I still decided to go no mittens or hat…1 mile in to the race I was so glad I did. I was the perfect temp and it was one of those runs where everything just felt good. Best time of the 3 so far,2:02!  But really I am trying not to focus too much on the time thing and comparing from one to the next. I had negative temps at my first race, hills so steep you had to basically crawl up for the second, and this race was smooth sailing despite a face plant at mile 8…so really each race is its own, but it is fun when you see improvements on a time. I would like to complete at least one under 2 hours.


At least I got road rash AND a finisher medal…

The Positives

This race was very well organized and for a “smaller” (about 450 runners) you got alot of bang for your buck. A long sleeve t-shirt, finisher medal, bag check, and a decent post race party. The actual course was great, definitely beach roads but lots to look at. Not all of the course was on the ocean, which was actually fine with me as it gave us a break from the wind, Each mile was clearly marked and water, Gatorade AND gels were provided. While there were no physical facilities, the port-a-jon situation was just fine, no lines and very clean! Again for a small race, pretty impressive. As mentioned, I took a major fall at mile 8, and had to utilize first aid services after the race to get myself cleaned up. The EMTs were very nice and helped me out best they could. Unfortunately there is not much that can be done for road rash besides some peroxide and time to heal.

The Negatives

I don’t have alot to complain about, minor things would be the parking. I am not a fan of races that you need to be shuttled to and from the start, but this one did have a pretty organized shuttle system and really only a mile between the parking and the start. Still there was waiting and then piling onto a bus with 450 of your closest, sweatiest, running friends. I did not have any spectators at this race, so I can’t comment too much on the viewing of this race, but for the most part it was on narrow roads without too many places to watch from. For the second time in a row, there were more cows than spectators!  Another negative which has nothing to do with the race itself, was after eating gravel is that I ripped my favorite  Nike running top AND Lululemon pants! Once I realized I was ok and continued to run, I thought the worst for my top and pants, but only two small holes, so a big shout out to Nike and Lululemon for withstanding a hard fall!

All in all it was great day, to make it even better I was able to meet up with a friend from the area after the race and show me some of what Rhode Island has to offer. It was awesome! Our first stop was a beach bar called Ocean’s Mist, your typical beach bar, great views, good beer and pub grub. While the wait was long, the Bloody Mary’s were delicious. During our meal at some point, it came up that I had never eaten oysters and had set the goal to eat one this year…thats all I needed to say as we then headed to a local oyster bar, Mantunuck Oyster Bar, where I think they literally pulled the oysters out of the ocean that deck overlooked and shucked them in front of you!


 I was still very hesitant at first…I mean come on who says an oyster looks good to eat?? It should also be noted here that I don’t eat any type of seafood, I would like to change that, but I really struggle with the visual appeal of all types of seafood. Being from New England, I know I am missing out on alot, but it just doesn’t do it for me…until I ate an oyster! The setting was perfect, we were on the ocean, it was warm, there were boats in the background, so I said what the heck?? And GULP! It was tasty and am already scheming my next oyster trip. From a Half Marathon in the morning to a Sunday Funday afternoon…bring on spring!

Run On-


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