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Working out the Kinks

on March 12, 2013

I am still feeling a little achy after the race, more so from my fall than the actual run, but the good news is I have a massage today! Maybe you are thinking I will be going to the spa to pamper myself? Wrong! This is some intense deep tissue massage that I have been hooked on since 2009.

After my first marathon (Boston) I had severe hip pain, I had started doing yoga which helped, but I needed something more. I was skeptical of massage and wasn’t sure I would be able to relax enough to reap the benefits. Along with extra tight hips, I have had back problems all through college, I throw out my back a couple times a year. Add in one of my bad back episodes to the mix, I was pushed over the edge and booked my first appointment at Boston Body Worker. And the rest is history! I have been seeing the same massage therapist since 2009, she has since started her own practice in which I followed her from Boston Bodyworker. Don’t get me wrong Boston Bodyworker is great, and I highly recommended them. Good prices, easy scheduling, and nice a location.

The most common comment I receive, is “WOW, must be nice to get massage all the time” My response is “It is WELL worth it!”. During marathon training I do see my massage therapist twice per month, right now I am going about once per month. I do sometimes struggle with the cost, at $75 per 45 minute session, it can be costly. But if you think of the things you treat yourself to, maybe doing your nails, buying your morning coffee, or buying your lunch everyday? They add up! While I don’t really do anything to pamper myself, I tell myself and others (mainly my husband) that this is my treat to myself.

The benefits are endless, and depending on where you are in your training program massage has a place.

Just to highlight a few of the benefits:

Improved muscle flexibility

Increased range of motion in the joints

Decreased muscle stiffness

Improved blood flow

Improved relaxation

Reduced anxiety

Improved mood

I was very fortunate in finding my massage therapist, we clicked right away. She is very understanding and can hone in on a tight spot in less than a minute (still don’t know how she does it!), she will also suggest stretches or call you out when you have not been stretching (happens alot to me!). I think the other big piece is how comfortable she makes me feel, I mean you have to have some level of trust as you lay face down on a table in just your underwear, right? If your not sure how to pick, start off with a short massage, most places will offer a 30 minute session. If you are not sold, try several different therapists. Many locations have deals for first time patients which allows you try out a few. You also want to check their credentials, this is big. Be sure that the therapist has experience with sports massage and is certified by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCBTMB). Another place to look for qualified massage therapists, is check with physical therapists, many times they partner to offer patients both services.

Some call this “feel good” training, and it definitely is one of my favorite parts of training. While skeptical at first, I have been able to run 5 marathons and countless half marathons with no injuries (knock on wood!) and I believe I have massage to thank for that! I am not built to be a runner, and it has taken me a long time to be comfortable while I run. So if you are on the fence about trying massage or have had a nagging ache, see a massage therapist. Of course they are not a medical doctor and you should always consult with them first, but a few visits with a massage therapists may save you are alot of trips to your doctor.

Massage has helped make this non-runnner body keep running, which in mind there is no price that could be put on that!

Run On-


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