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What am I doing Wednesdays?!?

on March 13, 2013


Ok so I am not going to put a catchy name on every day of the week, but I thought every once in a while, I would share what I am doing in my fitness/nutrition routines. I find reading other peoples blogs as one of the best places for fresh fitness/nutrition ideas, so I thought I would pay it forward and  hopefully inspire others with some new ideas!

  • If you have already read my post on the JCC, you know my love for my gym. Here is what I have been bringing into my workouts. I have shied away from “Ab” workouts for a while as most of the exercises I do engage my core, but I have been adding this 10 minute routine into the mix once per week and loving it!

30 seconds of each exercise/10 second rest for 10 minutes:

1)Stability Ball Roll Out (Kneeling on the floor, place forearms on the ball and roll yourself out until your wrists are the only part of your arm touching the ball. Keeping core solid, pull yourself back up to starting position)

2)V Sit (Arms and legs off the ground, forming a “v” hold!)


4)Leg Lifts (on the floor or in Roman chair)

5)Side Plank Be sure to get the other side

6) Side Plank w/Flap (as you are in side plank position, lift your free arm to align with your shoulder, flap arm forward so it is parallel with floor and return to starting position. Think that is easy? Add a 3lb dumbell to your freehand!)

  • I just recently entered the iPhone world and still have not explored “apps” too much, but I discovered this Tabata Trainer which is free and has made my interval work (including the workout above) so much better! It is called “Seconds Timer” while it does not allow you to save your timers, you can set up interval/rest  time and it keeps track of the rest. If you love Tabata training like I do, it makes remembering what round you are on ALOT easier. Iphone users-check it out!timer
  • As far as the nutrition side of things, I have been loving grapefruits this week. They were onsale and I said what the heck. I add a pinch of sugar and sprinkle cinnamon on the sliced half and it is tasty!
  • I teach Spin once per week and to get in the mood for St. Patricks day, I created an Irish themed playlist. Even if you are not spinning add a few tunes to your ipod, come on its St. Patricks Day! St. Patricks Day Spinning:

    Foggy Dew (Can’t remember who this by!) 5:01

    Out of Our Heads (Dropkick Murphys) 3:11

    Elevation (U2) 3:47

    Cry of the Celts (Lord of the Dance) 2:23

    The Cave (Mumford and Sons) 3:35

    I’m Shipping UP to Boston (Dropkick Murphys) 2:33

    Vertigo (U2) 3:16

    Ho Hey (Lumineers) 2:43

    City of Blinding Lights (U2) 5:47

    Mercy (Duffy) 3:39

    Diamonds (Rihanna) 3:45

    Don’t Stop Believin’ (Journey) 4:09

    Kryptonite (3 Doors Down) 3:53

    Pride (U2) 3:47

What are you doing this lovely Wednesday?

Run On-


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