Running 13, 13.1's in 2013 and the thoughts along the way!

Running to Margaritaville

on March 19, 2013


Its snowing…again…and its March. These are the days I really wonder why I live in New England, but enough complaining, tomorrow is the start of spring, so warmer temps are just around the corner.

On a snowy day like today, I thought I would share one of my other loves besides running…Jimmy Buffett! You may wonder how two such different things could go together, but surprisingly Buffett plays a big part in my running. Jimmy Buffett is much more than Wasting Away Again in Margaritaville, but really a way to look at and enjoy life. I know, it sounds lame…but really, let me break it down for you and how much of the music and attitudes of Parrotheads keep me running.

If we couldn’t laugh we would all go insane”

I don’t stress over much, and when times do get a little hectic, I take it as it comes to me. Much of the Parrothead way is just that, roll with each day and take what life throws at you and go with it. A song titled Changes in Latitude, Changes in Attitude? Perfect for dealing with life! In 2008, I was completing my masters thesis, working full time, and had a major death in my family ALL while training for my very first marathon. It was alot to take on, but Buffetts music helped me through, to the point that I got his lyrics tattooed on my wrist right before the race, yup that picture above are lyrics I live by everyday!

“There’s a little bit of fruitcake left in everyone of us”

Another piece that really holds true is being who you are, and not worry what anyone else thinks. If you have ever been to a Buffett show, you know that all ages, races, genders, etc., are welcome. Come as you are! An overweight guy wearing a coconut bra? Why not! Girls walking around with shark fins on their heads? Sure! Really, it doesn’t matter what your style is or if you don’t have any, we all are at a show to have fun and enjoy life! As for my running, I approach it much of the same way, show up as you are and run. Not fast? Who cares! Not wearing a full matching outfit head to toe? Not needed! I run to have fun and enjoy life, nothing else.

“Don’t try to shake it just nod your head Breathe In, Breathe Out, Move On”

While the Parrothead “style” is mixed in through out my life, the music is my training companion. I would say more than half my playlists are Buffett songs. Many ask how the heck I can listen to island songs while training for a race, but really it puts me in another place. I zone out and just see myself under a palm tree watching a perfect sunset. You need to find what that motivator is for you, and go with it. I have used his music so much, while training and fundraising for Boston, I used Buffetts song Breathe In, Breathe Out, Move On, tweaking it to be the theme of my fundraising efforts: Breathe In, Breathe Out…Run On. It was great, I made T-shirts for spectators, magnets, and other stuff to really make it part of my marathon experience.

So while I am not going to deny I love the Margaritas that come with being a Parrothead, its much more than that. Give Buffett a try, its not everyones cup of tea, but hey, you might find a few songs that take you away for a few minutes of a snowy day like today. Fins Up!

Run On-


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