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Gearing Up for Spring

on March 20, 2013

Happy Vernal Equinox everyone! While there is still snow on the ground and more to come later this week, I thought the first day of spring would be a great day to share some of my Spring running gear. While I am not putting away my ugly pink hat and long tights just yet, I have had a couple runs where I am starting to wear a few less layers. Here is what I wear to get through the tricky spring months. No matter what you wear, think layers! It will help make any run more enjoyable.

Running Sleeves


These are a must, I actually have had mine for so long, I can’t remember where I got them but Gypsyrunner.com sells them in tons of different colors and patterns. Of course, I had to get the flames, the more random my outfit the better. Besides looking like I have full sleeve tattoos, these sleeves are perfect for a run that starts out chilly and may warm up quickly. You can just either pull down the sleeves to what feels comfortable or just take them off completely. You can tie them around your waist without being overly bulky like a long sleeve shirt.

Nike Women’s Tech Running Capris

This is another oldie but goodie, I have had these tights for years and sadly they are starting to show their wear. This is nothing against Nike, they are just that old and I wear them ALL the time in the spring and summer. I love the length as someone with a little bigger leg, chaffing is always a worry, these tights don’t move and are comfortable. I love the length which is just below the knee, I actually were these in the spring AND summer and feel just right temperature wise.  On top of that, they actually look pretty good which is a nice bonus. Since I have bought these, Nike has made changes to improve the capris over the years, I am thinking of adding a new pair to the mix, but still just come back to the originals. Why fix it if it isn’t broken?

PhD Run Ultra Light Micro Sock by Smartwool


These are my new favorite running socks. My Mom gave them to me as a valentines day gift (nothing says love, like socks) a few weeks ago and they have been my go to ever since. I knew Smartwool for their more “earthy” socks for hiking and skiing, but these socks are ultra light weight and breathe great. I have a weird thing with having my socks come above my shoe, I hate the way it looks on me, so these socks are perfect no-show socks. I am not sure of the price on these socks, but no blisters and keep your feet warm on the chilly mornings, are well worth it!

Kinvara 2’s


So this isn’t really a piece of “Spring Gear” but I did get another pair of Kinvaras this past weekend at the Saucony outlet. If you haven’t already figured out my love for Saucony, you get to hear it now. I have been running in Sauconys ever since I started taking running seriously and have moved around to different “models” over the years. I have been hooked on the Kinvaras for over a year. They are super light, very breathable, but keep your feet warm and dry. They come in neon green which I love, but sadly this trip to the Saucony store only produced the white and pink version. I know the color of my shoes means nothing…but still I love the bright green. Much like my Nike capris, I need to start buying multiples of things that I really like to run in. I don’t know why companies need to change good things so fast!

Other Spring Gear that you will find in my closet:

Nike Women’s Loose Tri Blend V-Neck T-Shirt

2009 Adidas Boston Marathon Jacket (Light weight breathable jacket, a must for the rainy days)

North Face Visor

Cheapo Sport Sunglasses

Sunscreen (This is a year round must, but with more daylight running hours, its extra important!)

My last piece of spring gear, which isn’t really gear but a program to help you pick your gear each day. The What to Wear Tool from Runners World, is awesome! By simply plugging in a few details, you get suggestions on what to wear for your run. I love this because I tend to overdress, so it really helps me have the right gear on. For the most part, it has not let me down. Check it out: http://www.whattoweartool.com/

Happy Spring, bring on the sunshine!

Run On-


One response to “Gearing Up for Spring

  1. Nancy says:

    Glad you see that socks are truly a gift of love…my favorite post so far…

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