Running 13, 13.1's in 2013 and the thoughts along the way!

4 down…9 to go!

on April 9, 2013

There was a taco truck…my husband was thrilled.

Fools Dual is in the books, number 4 checked off! I feel this challenge has been off to a slow start, but by the end of May I will have doubled my races, so I just need to be patient.

This race was a 2 part race where runners had the option to run a 5k, return to the starting line, and then run the half. I opted just for the half as I didn’t need to know if I could run 3 extra miles before the race. Props to those that did it, but just with the amount of races I am doing, it didn’t really interest me. I do have to say that this race did seem to have alot of what I like to call “over the top runners”. If you have been reading my posts, you know I am no frills runner. I like to run and all the hoopla that comes with running just is not my thing. I have been fortunate with my first 3 races to have runners similar to my style, they are there just to enjoy a nice run. This race had a bit more of the runners that “Gear” up for about an hour before the race and look like they are going to outer space rather than running a half marathon. There were foam rollers, fuel belts, and compression socks galore. Again, to each his own but just not my thing. Maybe it was the two race aspect that attracted more of this type of runner, I really don’t know what it is…I just enjoy a race where runners talk to strangers while waiting to start rather than talking about their most recent PR.


This was right after a fellow runner coughed all over me…

Fools Dual Half was a good run overall. Personally I did not feel my best between gear (by gear I mean my ipod and sunglasses) malfunctions and my body just feeling “off” but the race it self was good. It was a hilly course with plenty of hills to keep you challenged the whole time, but lots of things to look at. While I have had cows at my last two races this one might take the prize for most unique spectator as there were scuba divers coming up from a dive standing on the course. Full gear and tanks on…it was entertaining to say the least. There is not much opportunity for spectating at this race as the streets are so narrow, but the start and finish were at the middle school with plenty of parking, port-a-jons, and indoor area to change after the race. There was not a ton of race support along the course and it was narrow with a few close calls with cars. I do get frustrated with races that just leave it to the runners to fend for themselves on the course. While I understand there cannot be police and volunteers every inch of the course, having some type of support to direct traffic would be helpful.

I loved running along the ocean and there were plenty of scenic views, the weather was great. I was hoping for a few degrees warmer to shed my long sleeves, but no such luck. I did end up with wind burn because it was strong wind the last 6 miles of the course, but other than that it felt great to run in capris with no hat and mittens!


Overall I am happy with my run, and I know with each race the weather will be just a little bit better along with one step closer to my goal of 13. 2 weeks till my next race, can’t wait!

Run On-


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