Running 13, 13.1's in 2013 and the thoughts along the way!

Running On

on April 22, 2013

I think it is going to be a while before I feel completely ok to write about my random running thoughts again, but I know I need to start getting back into the swing of things and at least try to feel normal. I was fortunate to have a happy event to focus on this past weekend by being in my sister-in-laws wedding in New Jersey. She had a perfect day and her and her husband were so happy, it was great to see two people so excited about starting their new life together. It reminded me that there are still many good things happening and  to stay focused on them.

Today being back in town has been tough, I am tired and feel off, but I had a great 5 mile run this morning, and look forward to teaching Spin tonight. I know, like so many other runners, the only way to cope with last weeks events is to run on. For me it makes me feel better, stronger, and each run begins to feel a little bit better. While I have used running to help me through this event, looking back I have used it in many sad times. It really is my coping mechanism.

We all handle sad situations differently and for me my first reaction is to grab my sneakers and run. Usually its a tough run, like I need to beat my muscles up a little, but it feels comforting. So simple and easy. People usually look at me like I am crazy when I tell them I am going for a run in the midst of a sad event, but I really do feel it clears my head and while the sadness is still there when I get back, I feel I can at least be in the situation with a level head. Some may think I am running away from the situation, but really I am just running on…

Run On-


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