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Running Boston in 2014

on April 30, 2013


Nope I will not be running Boston in 2014. This post is probably not what you think it is about and may even get some people upset. I apologize in advance. This post is in no way shape or form to discredit those that have dedicated hours, donated food, or just offered a helping hand. I think this post could be applied to any major tragedy and the public response verse those who were actually touched by the tragedy.  As someone who is from Boston, the recent events have drawn alot of attention to the city. Attention that I would never want on our city and yes the outpouring of support is amazing, people from near and far are “Boston Strong”. What does Boston Strong mean? That you will wear a shirt for a few months or say that YOU WILL RUN BOSTON next year? Again don’t take this the wrong way if you are someone that truly feels Boston Strong, but step back and think about what Boston Strong really means.

I have been asked multiple times since the marathon if I will run Boston next year. As someone who has run it twice and I still view it as one of the most special days of my life, the Boston Marathon means alot to me and I do hope to run it again someday. I would love to run it next year, but I can’t jump on the bandwagon because of what happened, I want to run it when I feel ready. Part of what makes the Boston Marathon so special is the prestige, the history, and the spirit it brings to Boston every Patriots Day. For those that have said they will run it next year, think about what that really means…not just crossing the finish line on Boylston, but the hundreds of miles and hours of dedication that you will need to put in. The Boston Marathon is serious, don’t take your number for granted, and focus on the whole marathon experience. From lacing up your sneakers in January to the final moments down Boylston, it will be worth it if you truly commit to it.

When the national attention fizzles away and the fundraising efforts move on, this is when you need to be Boston Strong. There is still a city here, healing from something so unexplainable, trying to return to normal, when really Boylston Street will never be the same.  Boston Strong means not dwelling on what happened but watching our city become stronger and move forward. It means wearing that shirt you may have bought on April 15th in 10 years with as much pride as you wear it today.

So while the ribbons, Facebook statuses, and “I will run Boston” comments are flying around, just take a minute and really think about what Boston Strong means.

Run On-


One response to “Running Boston in 2014

  1. nancylpeterson says:

    The strength of words. So well said and so heartfelt.

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