Running 13, 13.1's in 2013 and the thoughts along the way!

6 down…7 to go! Twin Lights Half Marathon Recap

on May 7, 2013


Maybe it was running on my 2nd favorite holiday, maybe it was knowing that there were Margaritas waiting for me on the other side of the finish line, but whatever it was, I DID IT! I broke my 2-hour goal and came in at 1 hour 57 minutes.  Dealing with a nagging hamstring injury, I had no intentions of breaking 2 hours. My main focus was to run comfortable and enjoy the race.


It was another great weather day for running, 48 degrees, sunny with little wind. The course had rolling hills with scenic ocean views. I felt good starting off, and just let my legs guide the run and every time I looked down at my watch I was way ahead of pace. My plan for this race which goes against my usual race plan, was to run at this quick pace for as long as possible and then deal with how I am feeling later in the race. But it never came…I just felt good and kept pushing onward. Once I came down to the last mile and realized that breaking 2 might be possible, I just went for it. It was amazing!

As mentioned I am dealing with an injury, so I am not really sure how this happened, but I am going to stop questioning it and enjoy achieving a major goal of mine. Just one week earlier I ran an easier course 7 minutes slower, who knows! If you are a runner, you know that when everything is feeling really good, you just need to enjoy it because its not too often you have that perfect run day.

Overall, it was a nice race with about 1200 runners from all ages and running levels. There was a decent amount of what I like to call the clueless runner. These are the runners that are in their own world wandering in front of moving cars, cutting the number pick up line, and not really having any interest in other runners as they are trying to pass. I am not sure why some races attract certain runners, but it’s always a bummer when the clueless runner is there in big numbers. I will say that this race gets a major fail for their parking. I was stuck in the line of traffic to get out of the beach lot for 45 minutes. While it was frustrating because I just wanted to get on the road, from a safety perspective it was dangerous.parkingCars were in a legit gridlock with no race staff helping alleviate the issue. While I know that many times, races are run by volunteers and I appreciate that, but there is still a race fee and when I am paying $70 to register, I expect at least a safe way to leave the parking lot. So while I left a little frustrated, I was still way too excited about accomplishing my goal, that my frustrations were short-lived.

To wrap up a great day I celebrated with a fiesta in honor of the great holiday Cinco de Mayo! It was a fun get together with tasty food and of course Tequila Ski Shots!


On to race 3, of the 5 race madness this weekend, I am still trying to find the right balance of rest and keeping the muscles loose. It has been a little challenging, but I am beginning to get in a groove to keep me going. Providence here I come!

Run On-


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