Running 13, 13.1's in 2013 and the thoughts along the way!

Thinkin’ on Thursdays

on May 23, 2013

T-minus 48 hours until a LOOOONG weekend, can’t wait! The weather is not looking great, but a long weekend is a long weekend. Here is what I am thinking this Thursday…

Final race of the May half marathon madness this weekend, did I really do it? Am I really about to run my fifth half marathon in a row. Where did the last 5 weeks go? Looking forward to staying right here in Boston for the Run to Remember, its going to be special on many levels, can’t wait!

No big plans post race, but hope to get a little grilling in and a lot of post race refreshments! I am thinking Rum drinks to be the drink of choice.

While I get a 2 week “break” from halfs after this weekend, I will be participating in the Tough Mudder Boston next weekend…I just watched the video of some of the obstacles…oh boy this is going to be interesting. 

I was at an event this week and got to try these No Bake Healthy Thumbprint cookies, thinking of making a batch this weekend, think people will notice the healthiness of them? Thanks Whole Foods: http://www.wholefoodsmarket.com/recipe/no-bake-thumbprint-cookies

Try to take a minute to remember what Memorial Day is all about this weekend, very special and we are lucky to have such brave Service People!

Happy Memorial Day!

Run On-


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