Running 13, 13.1's in 2013 and the thoughts along the way!

I Tried It…

on May 29, 2013

Every once in a while I thought it would be fun to share some of the running, fitness, health “things” I try out…I don’t like to veer too far off from the things that work well for me, but every now and then I am willing to try something new…who knows it might really work for me!

One thing with running so many races is the samples I get at each race, I usually steer clear of them, but I figured with the amount I have paid in race fees, I will collect my freebies!


Honey Stinger Energy Gel

Recently, I got a Honey Stinger Energy Gel in a race bag and decided to give it a whirl…it was AWFUL. I have running friends who swear by the Stingers, so I was surprised on how much I didn’t like it. I got the Strawberry flavor and just couldn’t stand it. It had a fake honey taste and just couldn’t wash it a way with a gulp of water. As I mentioned, some of my running friends swear by Stingers, but I will stick with my Chocolate GU.



I found this website during one of my searches for Kinvara 2’s and am happy I stumbled upon it. theclymb.com has daily offers on all sorts of outdoor equipment, biking, hiking, running, you name it and they will probably have an offer at some point. It is all name brands and the best part is the prices can be reduced up to 70% off! While I have been doing a lot of window shopping, I have not placed my first order…I am in the market for some new sunglasses so I have been keeping a close eye on the offers. Each day there are different deals and there is usually a time limit of a day  You do need to become a “member” to look at items, but its as simple as entering your email and creating a password. If you are someone who loves to buy “gear” The Clymb is a must to add to your online shopping list! Sign up here:https://www.theclymb.com/preview


My Race Ragz

This one I tried a while ago, but worth sharing. When starting my 13, 13.1 challenge I wanted to create a running tank that I could wear at all of my races. I have tried various t-shirt companies in the past, but I have found many of them expensive and not that great of quality. After doing a little searching, I found myraceragz.com. They were great! I was able to customize my running tank with tons of options. There were lots of stock photos, colors, and text. I had fun making it and was very happy with the way it turned out. When designing the shirt, you are able to move things around and see what it will actually look like on the shirt. My only complaint was the size of the shirt ran big, but it actually worked out as I was able to wear it over my cold weather gear and in the upcoming warmer months, it will be a light breezy tank. If you are looking for a one of a kind race shirt, be sure to check them out!

What should I try next? I am thinking of taking a Zumba class at my gym, yes I have tried Zumba before, but the classes at the JCC (If you don’t know about my love for the “J”, you can find it here) are packed, and while I have no rhythm it might be a fun way to spend an hour and worse case scenario I entertain all the other members while stumbling through the dance moves.

Run On-


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