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One Run for Boston


So a running friend asked me to do this a few weeks ago, I didn’t relieze I was getting into something so big…please spread the word and follow the final miles today…I will be joining 650 other runners, for the final 8 miles of the course to bring it home to Boylston St. Its going to be great!


For more info:http://onerunforboston.org/

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Buffett Withdrawal

So it is one week after Buffett and I am going through withdrawal. As promised, a little late, a picture recap of this years “Christmas”


The crew arrives with inflatables and cheeseburger hats. We had an amazing spot in the parking lot and were able to park right next to our parking lot friends as we do every year. Getting to the concert and setting up our site is one of the most anxious times of the day. But we arrive and are ready to go!


Ski shots start right away…I lost count how many I did, nothing brings people together like taking a shot off of an old water ski!


Woo Woo shots were a big hit, making a big batch ahead a time was the way to go. Who doesn’t love a shot that you have to yell WOO WOO every time you take one??


The Pinata filled with nips was a hit (haha get it), sadly a stranger came by and destroyed it in one hit, so the fun was over very quickly. But still it is a new MUST for the show.


With the short lived Pinata fun, I decided to wear the destroyed Parrot on my head. Hey I had to show my Parrothead pride!


After a fun day in the parking lot, we finally headed in for a great show and fun on the lawn. Until next year Buffett…

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Thinkin’ on Thursdays

A week of recovering and returning to a “normal” routine has been going well. With having Monday off this week flew by! Here is what I am thinking…

Could it be true a WHOLE weekend with NOTHING planned? Well I guess its not completely true, I do plan on running the final stage of  the One Run For Boston Sunday night. Its about 8 miles and I think it is going to be a pretty special run. Check it out: http://onerunforboston.org/

After all my build up to Buffett last weekend, I think I need to do a photo recap. More to come later today!

Hoping to do some catching up this weekend around the house and with family and friends. Drinks with recent Mass Maritime Grad brother on Friday and hopefully dinner on Saturday night with friends. Where to go??

I never got to share my anniversary dinner last week, but a quick shout out to Craige on Main in Cambridge for an amazing dinner. The food was definitely unique and pushed my “comfort” zone of trying new things, which I think is a good thing every now and then!

I can’t believe the 4th of July is next week which also means another short week! Woo hoo! And by the way I LOVE fireworks, so I can’t wait to celebrate. 

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Sweating It Out

What happens when you have a crazy weekend AND you don’t have any races in your immediate future? You sweat it out! I don’t have another half until July 13th, which seems like an eternity away when really its right around the corner, but still I needed a week of intense workouts. After an unhealthy but fun weekend, I really need a week of sweating it out at the gym. While I train and continuously run half’s, I do sometimes feel I am not making any progress with my fitness. I know it sounds strange, but sometime I just need a week of something completely different to wake up muscles I may not use on a regular basis. I wrote something similar awhile back about speed work, but here is what my week is looking like as far as workouts just in case you are looking for some inspiration to sweat it out:


Taught 60 minute Spin class

Room temp was about 98 degrees, so I sweat out all toxins on the first day. Here was our ride:

Hot in the City 3:32 Welcome! Get settled. Feel your body start to warm up. Take deep breaths, energizing the body. Connect to your breath. HR increases

Feel so Close 3:26 Starting to pick it up, continuing our warm up, jog it out, over, repeat Feeling strong, ready to work hard for the next hour, put it all out there.

Rose Tattoo 3:39 Stay standing, give it a turn to 6 out of 10, pick ups 10s, every 30s

Drive By 3:16 Feel the road flatten out slightly, allow your pace to pick up, stop light chase. Res 4

Catch My Breath 4:10 allow your pace to slow and feel the road flatten, take it to light resistance, 2 min. Bring it back in for the last 2.

I love it 2:34 res 4.5/5 jump 1 min, 2cnt, 30 break, repeat

Beat It 4:17 3 short but sharp hills. Here we go, 45s crank it and climb repeat recov 45s

The Chase 3:05 20 seconds seated flat, 20 seconds seated flat with a resistance increase, 20 seconds standing flat increase the pace and repeat.

Born This Way 4:19 quick drink, here we go slow and steady incline start in the saddle working our way out.

Gives you Hell 3:31 Back to a working seated flat.   Focus on form.  Remember that breath. Focus on pedal strokes.  Keep heart rate aerobic and use the flat road resistance.

Don’t Stop Believin 4:07 3 short but sharp hills. Here we go, 45s crank it and climb repeat recov 45s Here we go lots of energy, last working song.

Next to Me 3:17 Jog 1min, take it to cool down

Sweet Emotion  Stretch!


25 Minutes Elliptical Interval: 90 sec @ 160 strides/min, 30 sec @180 strides/min repeat for a total of 25 minutes

Followed by:

3 sets of 10 reps:

Kettlebell Goblet Squat

Walking Lunges (10 each side)

Medicine Ball sit ups

Jackknife on Stability Ball

Seated Row

Assisted Pull Ups

Finish workout with: 10 Burpees, 30 sec squat jumps, 30 second speed skaters repeat 3 times

Check out the gift I got this week. My new favorite shirt! Check out LatitudeGearRx for more awsome shirts!

Check out the gift I got this week. My new favorite shirt! Check out LatitudeGearRx for more awsome shirts!


40 Minute Light and relaxed run in the morning. Still sweat like crazy with a 78 degree reading on thermometer at 5:30a!

15 minutes ab work (3 sets of plank with frog kicks) and stretching


25 Minutes Elliptical Interval: 90 sec @ 160 strides/min, 30 sec @180 strides/min repeat for a total of 25 minutes

10-1 Upper body circuit: Complete 10 reps of each, then repeat with 9 reps of each, etc. until your last round with 1 rep of each. I try to increase the weight every couple of set, warning: it gets TOUGH!

Walk Out Push Ups

Triceps Dips

30 seconds air boxing with 5lb weights

Biceps Curl

Shoulder V-lift


Thanks to the Healthy Tipping Point for this GREAT treadmill interval workout:


2 minutes at 5 MPH

Rolling Intervals:

1 minute at 6 MPH

30 seconds at 6.5 MPH

1 minute at 6 MPH

30 seconds at 7.5 MPH

(Repeat 5 times)

Rolling hills:

1 minute at 6.0 MPH at 1% incline

30 seconds at 6.5 MPH at 3.0% incline

(Repeat 10 times)


6.0 MPH at 0% incline for 5 minutes

I am supposed to participate in a 7 mile group run on Sunday, so I think that will complete my week of sweating. What is your favorite way to kick up your workouts??

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Thinkin’ on Thursdays

A busy week of planning and celebrating and it is already Thursday with still so much to do! Here is what I am thinking…

This week was a great week, celebrated my anniversary, prepared for “Christmas” all while not having a race to worry about for a few weeks. While I love my races, it has been nice to have a break this week and do whatever type of workout I am feeling like. 

Tonight will begin the making of snacks, drinks, and collecting of gear. Drinks that are on the menu: Woo Woo shots, Mind Erasers, and Pirate Punch 

Not only will this be big weekend with the concert, my brother will be graduating from college followed by a graduation bash on Sunday. My drinking shoes are on and my liver is at the ready!

Looks like we have a nice stretch of weather ahead of us, making for very comfortable workouts in the morning. Can’t wait to get out and enjoy. 

With this busy weekend, I am so thankful I took Monday off to catch up and shift back into the real world : )

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A Wedding in Margaritaville

2 years ago today, I got to marry my main squeeze! So todays post really doesn’t have anything to do with running and definitely falls into the “Random” category, but I did run ALOT leading up to my wedding day to help deal with the stress of our big day. While I am sure most couples wonder where the time goes from year to year, I can honestly say the last 2 years have been a whirlwind of an adventure starting with our wedding day on June 18th, 2011.

I had been with my husband almost 10 years when we got engaged. I was never into the whole idea of a big wedding and from the beginning I knew I wanted to keep it low key and get married in my most favorite place in the whole world, Key West. Plans were made, the date was set, and because I got this all done in the first few months of being engaged, I sat back and enjoyed being engaged. Fast forward to May 2011, where my husband landed his dream job which changed all of our future plans…including traveling to Key West to get married. While I was not about to wait until he was able to travel again, I had 2 weeks to regroup and figure out an alternative wedding. I am not one to look at the negative side of a situation (my high school yearbook quote was, “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade”) so I decided we were going to get married at the Jimmy Buffett Concert which was happening in just 2 weeks (If you read yesterday’s post, Buffett is a big deal). After everyone had gotten over the initial shock of our new wedding venue, everyone came together to make this happen. Justice of the Peace, Limo, RV, Wedding Outfits, we some how pulled it all together and along with 30,000 of our closest friends, we were married in the parking lot of the Comcast Center in Mansfield, MA before the Jimmy Buffett concert. It was a perfect day and truly defined what a wedding is about, it did not matter where we were were married, what the decor was, but that my Husband and I had the most perfect day surrounded by people who were happy for us, both family and complete strangers.

I still cannot tell my wedding “story” without smiling and I am not sure our unique story will ever get old. I could probably write about 5 more pages of details from the day, but I won’t bore you all! I have a ton of great memories from our day and I hope they don’t fade. One of my favorite was a few days before the wedding in the midst of the chaos my Dad said, “This is how I saw you getting married, you know, your way” While at first I questioned him envisioning me being married in front of an RV in a parking lot, but then I got it, I was doing this because I wanted it this way and no one else’s opinion mattered. We gave up a lot for my husbands new job including our honeymoon or really enjoying any time as newlyweds, but I would never wish it any other way, no honeymoon, no perfect wedding backdrop, could make up for our perfect day. Plus, who can say Jimmy Buffett played their reception? : )


Yes, that is a random person grabbing my Dad as we walked down the “aisle”

For anyone out there that might be dealing with wedding stress or planning speed bumps you may encounter, remember what you want and do not worry what others think, you are guaranteed to get a perfect day that is truly your own.

So here I am 2 years later and still so happy and amazed at what we have accomplished, new jobs, a new home, and a ton of fun along the way. On our wedding day, I asked my husband to promise me that we will laugh every day one way or another, and I can honestly say he has kept that promise. Bring on year 3!

“With you I would walk anywhere”

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Countdown to Christmas

So this week is all about preparing for Buffett, while I have put in a hard  5+ weeks of running half marathons, its time to have a little fun. Of course workouts will still be a must in the morning, I use that time to brainstorm what I need to get ready for the concert ahead of me.

The Jimmy Buffett Concert in our house is a BIG deal, it is known as Christmas. I look forward to it all year and have collected recipes, gear, and other things to make Christmas fun every year. It is special to me for many reasons, but really it is day where you can leave reality behind and just have a blast. Nothing matters, we have celebrated in the rain, heat, and hurricanes. We have made new friends over the years and have stories that will be told for years to come. It truly is a day that you can be yourself and enjoy life. As Mr. Buffett said himself “we all need a few hours, just to go nuts!” and nuts we go. There are ice luges, ski shots, and kiddie pools, there are men in coconut bras and women in way less clothing than would normally be acceptable in public, but its all good on Christmas. I wish I could tap into my inner Dr. Seuss as that last line  sounds like describing a Buffett version of Whoville…If you are Buffett “virgin” don’t be alarmed by any of this, embrace it. Just like December 25th, there is alot of preparations leading up to the concert. Preparation is everything! So if you are a newbie you may get an email from a veteran Parrothead similar to one I sent out to my crew this morning, no I haven’t lost it, this is just what is takes to have a great day!

Hi everyone!

Less than a week until Christmas and you know what that means?? Time to plan. JB as our driver we will need you at the house early to load up the gear. I have 3 coolers, a gatorade jug and 2 Tupperware bins, think we need to tie stuff to the roof? Ill get bungee cords just in case. 

As for gear I have an inflatable pool, 2 blow up sharks,and plenty of grass skirts and leis to go around! For games I have Washers, stuff for pong, ski shots, fishing for shots, and a new surprise game.

As for drinks we need plenty of beer, I am making a big batch of pirate punch, as well as a variety of Jello shots. Still brainstorming what the shots of choice will be, but they will be good. I think I will throw a bottle of Patron in as well. 

Food-We all know the food is just a side attraction to drinking, but we will be sure to bring the staples. Stuff for cheeseburgers, chips, dip, salads, what else do we need? I will also throw in a case of water to keep us going through out the day. 

I think that is it for today, more to come tomorrow. Don’t forget to also pack an extra set of clothes, sunscreen, and a pancho, you never know what the day can bring!


As you can see I bring alot of stuff, and I am on the low end of craziness. People show up with sail boats tied to their roofs! Let the preparations begin!

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10 down…3 to go! Castle Awards Half

Numero 10 in the books! While I have written about some of my recent races and how everything just felt “right”, the Castle Awards Half was very much the opposite. It was just a bad race, but its in the book despite the challenge!

This race was in Seekonk, MA which to be honest with you, I had no idea where it was, but discovered it is a small town tucked on the Rhode Island border. When I arrived at the Seekonk YMCA, there were only about 4 cars in the parking lot. This was a little concerning seeing that the race started in 45 minutes, but I went into the gym to pick up my number where there were a few other runners, but it was very apparent this was going to be a small race. Oh and did I mention what number I was lucky enough to wear?


Runnin Dirtayy

As the start time got closer, runners did trickle in and we were all told to file into the back parking lot.  In all there were 143 runners who took part in a overall nice course. There were challenging hills mixed in, but plenty of nice views and enough shade along the course to keep you cool. My one minor complaint was no Gatorade on the course. I think for any halfs run in the summer months, Gatorade is a must. I don’t expect it at every water station, but it does help when temps start to rise. For me, I have been fighting some allergy congestion and it really got to me on the course.  I was super frustrated with my legs wanting to go faster, but not being able to catch my breath, it was a very uncomfortable feeling and I accepted around mile 7 that I needed to listen to my body.

After crossing the finish line, I just wanted to get home, but one of the best perks of this race, was full access to the Y’s locker room. I was able to get a layer of sweat off and put on some fresh clothes for the ride home.  Along with fresh clothes, a bonus for running on the Rhode Island border? Honey Dew Iced Coffee! It is delicious and a nice treat with none in my area!

This race reminded me a lot of my second half this year, Colchester Half, a no frills race for people to come together and run. The race director was very hands on, from providing a hand drawn map of the course, to standing on the back of the lead truck and giving us an overview of the course before we started. While it was no frills for the most part, check out the massive amount of swag. Pretty impressive!


Yup, that is a Capri Sun!

Once home and showered, I had a nice afternoon with my family. We grilled up some burgers, and enjoyed a round of Mint Juleps.  A good weekend all around and now almost a full month until my next half, what will I do with myself?!?

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Find your greatness this summer…

Thought I would share a little Friday motivation with you. This Nike commercial came out about a year ago, but still gets me every time!

Will you find your greatness this summer?

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Summer Jams

Two posts in one day! Oh my! After a late night last night, I was unable to get this up yesterday. Better late than never…now for summer workout tunes.


After you have finished a delicious summer meal, make sure you throw some of these summer tunes onto your workout playlist. As a spin instructor I love to use this playlist to kickoff the Summer Solstice (In Junior High, I had a science teacher that engrained in our heads all of the solstices and equinoxes, in which I will never forget them. For those of you that did not have Mr. Hubley, that’s June 21st. )

Fun Fun Fun- Beach Boys

Hot in the City- Billy Idol

Schools Out- Alice Cooper

Hot Hot Hot- Buster Poindexter

California Gurls-Katy Perry

Blister in the Sun-Violent Femmes

Tessie-Dropkick Murphys (This may only inspire summer thoughts for Bostonians, but still a great song!)

Cruel Summer- Bananarama

Then of course mix in some current “songs of the summer” and for this year, here are a few that I had added to my ipod:

#Beautiful- Mariah Carey

I love it-Icona Pop

Come and Get it-Selena Gomez

Next to Me-Emile Sande

Of course I listen to Buffett year round, so I could add a ton more to this list, but for now I will leave it at these. Enjoy! What’s on your summer playlist?

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