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Say Hello to the Newest Mudder!

on June 3, 2013

Its done…over with…in the books. I can say I did  Tough Mudder Boston. Am I counting down the minutes to Mudder 2014? Probably not, but I am glad I did it and can say I did have some fun and definitely alot of stories came out of it.

The event was held at Gunstock Ski Area in New Hampshire, which was about a 2 hour ride from Boston. We met up with 3 of our teamates and were on the road by 6am. All participants had to park 30 minutes from the mountain and take a bus to the event. A little annoying, but we had pleanty of warning and there were tons of buses, so it wasn’t that bad. It was a little challenging to decide what to bring with us and what to leave in the car for before and after the challenge (i.e money, phone, food, etc.) but we just risked it with one phone and a little bit of cash. I did mention to my Husband that I felt like I was in the scence of Forest Gump when he is getting bused to boot camp with Bubba…a little anxious, not sure what we are in store for…

Once we arrived at Gunstock, we went through registration which was a very well organized process. After getting out numbers pinned on, we got “inked” by volunteers writing our numbers on our arms and forehead. It was a sexy look for sure.


The “before” picture…ready to go

There were 15 people on our team, I only knew 3, so it was a little awkward meeting the rest of the team, and with such a big group coordination was challenging. We waited about 40 minutes for the rest of the team to arrive, once we were all there we headed to the start where we were greeted with a 10 foot wall to get to the start line…nothing like getting right into it. Everyone on our team was great, the whole thing required alot of teamwork and we quickly figured out it was the only way we were going to get through these obstacles. A few of the guys hoisted me up and over, I went landing flat on my ass on the other side. It wasn’t graceful, but I made it to the start line and was ready to go!

After hiking up about a half mile, we were met with our first obstacle of climbing under barbed wire through mud and rocks, the barbed wire was the least of my problems as the rocks and dirt cut up my arms and legs pretty good. So about a half mile in and were covered in mud, we trudged along. I won’t elaborate on every obstacle, but for the most part obstacles were challenging but fun. They required teamwork and alot of muscles you didn’t know you had. You could pass any obstacle that you were uncomfortable with and really once you left that start line, it was up to you to get through the course. Some of the highlights of obstacles were the Artic Enema which was a dumpster filled with more ice than the North Pole, in which you had to jump in and swim under a barbed wire fence to get to the other side. I have never felt anything so cold in my life and actually felt my whole body stop working. My husband who was on the other side to hoist me out, said my face was priceless…I wish there was a picture to capture this freezing cold moment. Other highlights include jumping over fire into a muddy pit…in which I have no jump abilities and landed in the fire, but quickly flopped into the pit. I think the one I was most proud of was Mount Everest in which you had to run up a Half Pipe as best you could and grab onto the volunteers waiting at the top, once you grabbed on, you had to do whatever it took to hoist yourself up and over. There was plenty of jumping over logs, climbing in rocky tunnels, etc. Overall I had fun with the obstacles, the part that really just knocked us all out was the climbing. There were 4 uphill climbs, each about a mile up, followed by a mile down. Which doesn’t seem horrible as I write this, but the climbs included 90 degree temps, super muddy, gravel, and rock covered trails. We were all exhausted and when we would arrive at an obstacle, it took everything to coordinate our muscles to get us through. I did end up skipping the Berlin Wall which was two 10 foot walls that we needed to go up and over. By that point my legs were starting to shake, and I knew I was at the point of potentially really hurting myself if I took a dive off the wall.

Along with the massive amount of uphill climbing, was the length of time it took us to complete the course and the lack of food and water we had. The amount of time it took, was more of a team logistics issue. We had 15 people on our team of all abilities so we spread out along the course and would wait for others to catch up. This took alot of momentum out the day and ended up taking us 6 hours to complete the event. With the hot temps, water was needed alot! I think the course had a decent amount of aid stations, but only 2 had food, which was on the light side, given the amount of hiking and exercise we were doing. There was only one stop with Gatorade, which I think really should have been at each stop, given the amount of people that were stopping and cramping up. I am sure there are a ton of logistics that go into it, so I won’t be too critical, but I can say our team was VERY hungry by the time we were done.

As the day progressed, the 3 others and myself that stuck together from our team, started to loose steam. Mentally the hills just started to wear on us, but we pushed through and all ended with smiles and laughing. As our first time doing this event, we didn’t know if this is just how these events are, or we were just lucky enough to experience a really “tough” Tough Mudder…the consensus from veteran Mudders was that, this one was EXTRA tough. When we finally did run through our last obstacle of “ElectroTherapy” we were greeted at the finish line with the coveted Mudder Headband, T-Shirt, and a beer. It was well organized and I had all 3 items within a minute of finishing. None of the team was too interested in the beer, but the small amount I had tasted amazing!

Post Mudder!

Post Mudder!

The event did offer a bag check, which was very organized and actually had pretty good security, everyone that dropped off a bag had to show various identification to pick up their bag, and after the event, our bag was safe and sound with cash, phone and keys still inside. There were hanging hoses, as showers which were great for getting a few layers of dirt off and changing areas to change into the best feeling clothes I have ever put on. Once we were all changed up, some of us hit up the food vendors for much needed food. It was your typical festival food. Everything was very overpriced, but it served its purpose. When I say overpriced, there was no water before the event, but you could buy a bottle for 3 bucks…I usually wouldn’t complain about this, but when I just paid 170 bucks to participate in the event and its 90 degrees out, a cup of water would go along way….

The final piece of the day was getting back on the bus for the 30 minutes ride back to our car. This was the only part a little disorganized, and we had to stand in line for about 30 minutes to get on the bus. Once on the bus, we made the trek back, dozing off along the way, but finally we arrived back at the car! We piled in and headed home. We had started the day with such great intentions to drink the night away once we were home, but as every mile passed…the excitement got less and less. The whole day took much longer than we anticipated and did not arrive home until 9p. We agreeed that we at least needed to have a few beers, so we went as is (still muddy and wearing our headbands) to a local bar. We attempted to lift our glasses to toast, had a few, and then went home. Showering was an experience… between exhaustion, the cuts and bruises, and the massive amount of mud EVERYWHERE…it took a long time. But we had done it, we completed Tough Mudder Boston. Sure the obstacles were tough, but on a whole I think the many other things that went into the day, really made it the “Tough” Mudder.

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  1. Dena Maddie says:

    congrats on finishing!

  2. Thanks so much and thanks for stopping by!

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