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So you want to be a Tough Mudder…

on June 10, 2013

I know I said this weeks posts were going to be all about getting into the summer state of mind, but I had this post that I forgot to share yesterday…I promise a summer inspired post tomorrow, but in the mean time:


Its been over a week since my “Mudder” experience and I am already getting asking if I will be participating in the New England Tough Mudder in August. While I will not, I know there are a ton of people that will be competing in their first Mudder, so I thought I would share some tips to “stay tough”:

  • Before your Mudder, know your teammates, or at least have a game plan as to how you will tackle the course. If you have a large group, will you stay together? Split into varying fitness levels? Have meeting spots? As mentioned in my recap, we had a big group, and we would stop and wait for everyone, which took a lot of momentum out of the day.
  •  Your start time is a suggestion…kinda. I can’t say this with 100% certainty, but none of us had watches on and so when we thought it was our start time we headed to the start line, little did we know that we had started with the wave before ours. No one stopped us, no one checked, so it was nice to get a head start. Lord knows we needed it!
  • Check your pride at the door. This event is all about teamwork, you are going to need the help of others and you will get it. Whether you are participating by yourself or with a group, everyone is willing to help out. Once you let go of feeling uncomfortable as a stranger grabs your ass to assist you in getting over a wall, you will have a blast with the obstacles!
  • As for what to wear, I went with lifting gloves and I would say they helped until you get to the monkey bars, but for the sake of using your hands the next day, I would wear a pair. Anything else you wear, try for all things wicking. I went on a kayak trip once and our guide told us, “Cotton is the Devil” and I can’t express how true his words are at an event like this.  Also the more skin you have exposed, the more cuts you will have, so choose wisely. Your shoes will not come home with you, so don’t get too attached.
  • Many people wore Camelbacks, and while I was very worried that any type of pack would get in the way, I wish I had worn my small running pack to keep snacks in. My teammates and I were hungry and I think Sportbeans or Gu’s would have gone a long way.  For the most part, I don’t think a pack would have gotten in the way.
  • Have fun with the day. Laugh and enjoy the craziness you are participating in. There will be low points as you participate in a 12 mile obstacle course, but I can say a week later my teammates and I are still laughing at various moments during the day. During the low points, push on and focus on the feeling of achievement you will have once you cross the finish line.

If you were hoping to get some insight as to what the obstacles are “really” like, I am going to keep that a mystery. I think part of the fun of Tough Mudder is experiencing the obstacles and learning what the “ Arctic Enema” is and do those electrodes really hurt? Only those with the orange headband really know…

Good Luck!

Run On-


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