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10 down…3 to go! Castle Awards Half

on June 17, 2013

Numero 10 in the books! While I have written about some of my recent races and how everything just felt “right”, the Castle Awards Half was very much the opposite. It was just a bad race, but its in the book despite the challenge!

This race was in Seekonk, MA which to be honest with you, I had no idea where it was, but discovered it is a small town tucked on the Rhode Island border. When I arrived at the Seekonk YMCA, there were only about 4 cars in the parking lot. This was a little concerning seeing that the race started in 45 minutes, but I went into the gym to pick up my number where there were a few other runners, but it was very apparent this was going to be a small race. Oh and did I mention what number I was lucky enough to wear?


Runnin Dirtayy

As the start time got closer, runners did trickle in and we were all told to file into the back parking lot.  In all there were 143 runners who took part in a overall nice course. There were challenging hills mixed in, but plenty of nice views and enough shade along the course to keep you cool. My one minor complaint was no Gatorade on the course. I think for any halfs run in the summer months, Gatorade is a must. I don’t expect it at every water station, but it does help when temps start to rise. For me, I have been fighting some allergy congestion and it really got to me on the course.  I was super frustrated with my legs wanting to go faster, but not being able to catch my breath, it was a very uncomfortable feeling and I accepted around mile 7 that I needed to listen to my body.

After crossing the finish line, I just wanted to get home, but one of the best perks of this race, was full access to the Y’s locker room. I was able to get a layer of sweat off and put on some fresh clothes for the ride home.  Along with fresh clothes, a bonus for running on the Rhode Island border? Honey Dew Iced Coffee! It is delicious and a nice treat with none in my area!

This race reminded me a lot of my second half this year, Colchester Half, a no frills race for people to come together and run. The race director was very hands on, from providing a hand drawn map of the course, to standing on the back of the lead truck and giving us an overview of the course before we started. While it was no frills for the most part, check out the massive amount of swag. Pretty impressive!


Yup, that is a Capri Sun!

Once home and showered, I had a nice afternoon with my family. We grilled up some burgers, and enjoyed a round of Mint Juleps.  A good weekend all around and now almost a full month until my next half, what will I do with myself?!?

Run On-


2 responses to “10 down…3 to go! Castle Awards Half

  1. Matt Dionis says:

    Nice work fighting through what sounded like a tough Half. Looking forward to following your progress : )

  2. Thanks for stopping by and the words of encouragement! It wasn’t my best, but they can’t all be! On to the next one!

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