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Countdown to Christmas

on June 18, 2013

So this week is all about preparing for Buffett, while I have put in a hard  5+ weeks of running half marathons, its time to have a little fun. Of course workouts will still be a must in the morning, I use that time to brainstorm what I need to get ready for the concert ahead of me.

The Jimmy Buffett Concert in our house is a BIG deal, it is known as Christmas. I look forward to it all year and have collected recipes, gear, and other things to make Christmas fun every year. It is special to me for many reasons, but really it is day where you can leave reality behind and just have a blast. Nothing matters, we have celebrated in the rain, heat, and hurricanes. We have made new friends over the years and have stories that will be told for years to come. It truly is a day that you can be yourself and enjoy life. As Mr. Buffett said himself “we all need a few hours, just to go nuts!” and nuts we go. There are ice luges, ski shots, and kiddie pools, there are men in coconut bras and women in way less clothing than would normally be acceptable in public, but its all good on Christmas. I wish I could tap into my inner Dr. Seuss as that last line  sounds like describing a Buffett version of Whoville…If you are Buffett “virgin” don’t be alarmed by any of this, embrace it. Just like December 25th, there is alot of preparations leading up to the concert. Preparation is everything! So if you are a newbie you may get an email from a veteran Parrothead similar to one I sent out to my crew this morning, no I haven’t lost it, this is just what is takes to have a great day!

Hi everyone!

Less than a week until Christmas and you know what that means?? Time to plan. JB as our driver we will need you at the house early to load up the gear. I have 3 coolers, a gatorade jug and 2 Tupperware bins, think we need to tie stuff to the roof? Ill get bungee cords just in case. 

As for gear I have an inflatable pool, 2 blow up sharks,and plenty of grass skirts and leis to go around! For games I have Washers, stuff for pong, ski shots, fishing for shots, and a new surprise game.

As for drinks we need plenty of beer, I am making a big batch of pirate punch, as well as a variety of Jello shots. Still brainstorming what the shots of choice will be, but they will be good. I think I will throw a bottle of Patron in as well. 

Food-We all know the food is just a side attraction to drinking, but we will be sure to bring the staples. Stuff for cheeseburgers, chips, dip, salads, what else do we need? I will also throw in a case of water to keep us going through out the day. 

I think that is it for today, more to come tomorrow. Don’t forget to also pack an extra set of clothes, sunscreen, and a pancho, you never know what the day can bring!


As you can see I bring alot of stuff, and I am on the low end of craziness. People show up with sail boats tied to their roofs! Let the preparations begin!

Run On-


2 responses to “Countdown to Christmas

  1. nancylpeterson says:

    Ok…this year I am the kid without a Christmas! Even though the reason is a good one I’m still sad to miss the day. Well here’s to another special day for you…party on!

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