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Buffett Withdrawal

on June 30, 2013

So it is one week after Buffett and I am going through withdrawal. As promised, a little late, a picture recap of this years “Christmas”


The crew arrives with inflatables and cheeseburger hats. We had an amazing spot in the parking lot and were able to park right next to our parking lot friends as we do every year. Getting to the concert and setting up our site is one of the most anxious times of the day. But we arrive and are ready to go!


Ski shots start right away…I lost count how many I did, nothing brings people together like taking a shot off of an old water ski!


Woo Woo shots were a big hit, making a big batch ahead a time was the way to go. Who doesn’t love a shot that you have to yell WOO WOO every time you take one??


The Pinata filled with nips was a hit (haha get it), sadly a stranger came by and destroyed it in one hit, so the fun was over very quickly. But still it is a new MUST for the show.


With the short lived Pinata fun, I decided to wear the destroyed Parrot on my head. Hey I had to show my Parrothead pride!


After a fun day in the parking lot, we finally headed in for a great show and fun on the lawn. Until next year Buffett…

Run On-


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