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I Tried It Tuesday!

on July 2, 2013

Zumba! Ok so Zumba is no where being something new and exciting, but it IS new for me. This is what I usually look like dancing:

Yes. I am doing the Macarena...

     Yes. I am doing the Macarena…

Or like this…

dancing with matt

    Alcohol is usually required when I dance…

As you can see dancing is not something that comes natural to me, so taking on an hour of Zumba was definitely out of my comfort zone. I have talked to enough people that are totally into Zumba but in the past when I took it, I never felt like I worked out. Bring in Tuesday Zumba instructor at the JCC and my opinion has changed! This morning was the second time I have taken it with Ketty, and she is great. She is welcoming and has your heart rate up within the first 2 minutes of class. There is a ton choreography which I struggle with but she also puts alot of sport moves in. Who knew push ups and jumping jacks could look cool to music?!? The other piece that I like about Zumba and it is something I struggle with for most group fitness classes, is the time flies by. Even when I am teaching spin, I sometimes feel the minutes are dragging by, not in Zumba! Each song is completely different and because I am too worried about following all the steps or laughing at myself I don’t look at the clock once. The other students in the class are quiet a cast of characters, there are even men who take part which just takes it to another level of entertainment. There are a few rockstars that have rhythm but for the most part everyone is there to get their sweat and groove on. Here is my plug to challenge yourself to a fitness activity you don’t normally do or feel comfortable with. You might find you like it and bring in a  completely different aspect to your workouts!

So while I still might look like the pictures above while taking Zumba, I have a great time AND a good workout. No alcohol necessary!

Run On-


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