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The Wave

on July 9, 2013


There is that moment on your run when you are feeling good, moving down the street and then another runner is coming in your direction. What do you do? Avoid eye contact? Check your watch? Stare creepily at them but don’t say anything? Whatever you might do, its an awkward moment. As I started to think about this more, why should it be awkward? Its just two people getting their heart rates up enjoying the same hobby. A simple hello should not be so awkward! Bring in my new goal/experiment of saying hello to each runner/walker I pass on my morning runs.

**I must put a note in here, that this may not be a problem in other parts of the country. Us New Englanders, are known to not be so friendly, so when I think of running through Texas everyone high fives as they pass each other and asks How Ya’ll doing?!? Southern folks, if you want to weigh in here, I would love to hear!**

My husband and I were out for a run last week and I explained to him my new goal, and as we passed our first runner (who did not wave back), he laughed and said I look like I am either saluting them or making an obscene gesture at them. So maybe I look like the picture above and I am scaring my fellow runners, but still at least a smile would be nice!

Here is my technique: I get a runner in my sights and don’t make direct eye contact until I am close. Since so many runners have music on, I give a wave and say Morning! The responses are mixed but for the most part, I don’t get any response. I am up to about 1 response per run. I do run very early in the morning, so I don’t get to try my technique on too many people, but still, its amazing! I understand people don’t want to be bothered when they are running, including myself, but a simple greeting at least breaks the awkward moment when two runners pass.

I am not going to give up on my mission, plus its turned into somewhat of game that keeps me distracted on my runs!

Don’t forget to wave!

Run On-


6 responses to “The Wave

  1. I always smile and wave to other runners! I usually get a head nod, if anything. Keep on being friendly 🙂

  2. I go with the smile and nod, however I’m always the first to initiate. I think you should start a campaign.

  3. Nancy says:

    Reminds me of the farm stand in Littleton…If you can’t stop…Wave!

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