Running 13, 13.1's in 2013 and the thoughts along the way!

11 down…2 to go! Jamestown Half

on July 15, 2013

Do I really only have 2 races left in this crazy challenge??? For some reason, 2 just seems so close! I won’t be running another race until September 7th, which just seems SO far away, but with vacations and just some rest time, I must say I am looking forward to the break. Don’t worry I will still be doing plenty of running and thinking those random thoughts, so posts won’t be lacking!

Great concert to start a crazy 24 hours!

Great concert to start a crazy 24 hours!

Here was the 24 hours leading up to the Jamestown Half:

Friday, 4:30p: Friend arrives and we head to Fenway area for dinner

6:30p: Hop on Hubway bikes and ride to Fenway for concert

6:45p: Find our seats and settle in among the already way too drunk crowd

10:45: Enjoyed a great concert and extra excited that it ended before 11!

12:00a Get home, ready for bed and fall asleep by 12:45

Sat 4:15a: Alarm goes off and I am dressed for the race

4:30a: Back in the car and driving to Jamestown RI

So if you had trouble following that timeline, I got almost 4 hours of sleep before running a half marathon. I was expecting the worst. As mentioned in earlier posts, I was excited for the early start time on Saturday, I just didn’t know how tired I was actually going to feel when I got there. I was tired! When I arrived at the race at 5:40a, I took a 10 minute power nap which really helped. I then got out of my car to pick up my number and get myself ready. The race started at 6:30a, and I was well aware I had to take a 10 minute shuttle to the start. I figured 5:50 was plenty of time to accomplish all of this. WRONG! It took 40 minutes to get through the number pick up line. It was crazy and I can’t really pinpoint why it was so slow. Everything was organized, but just moved at a snails pace. I tried not to stress myself out as there were about 500 other runners in the same situation as me. I came to accept that they were either going to start the race late or I would just start running when I get there. I mean I don’t really have to be there when the gun goes off, my chip records my time either way, right?

I arrive at the start and no one is moving too fast, at this point it would have been nice to have a little more communication that they had decided to start the race late, but I had to find out from a spectator. So with this news, I headed to the PortaJon line (which wasn’t bad at all!) and do my thing and head to the start. It was cool but muggy, if that is possible, and very overcast which was perfect!


Such a nice backdrop for the race finish

The race itself was hilly, I knew this going into it, so there were no surprises. While it was hilly it was manageable, the hills required you to push yourself, but there were enough downhills to keep you sane. The course was scenic, and Jamestown itself was beautiful. The runners, I must say were a sight to see. As you know my thoughts of runners and well…alot of them are really odd, this race only supported my thoughts even more. I had one woman that smelled so strongly of Ben Gay, my sinuses will be clear for the next 3 months. She insisted on sprinting past me and then walking, which led to us continually running near each other and me breathing in that one of a kind smell. I had another runner carry a sponge and continuously sponge herself off during the race and then my favorite runner, the one who listened to her iphone on speaker for all of us to listen in, because I really want Carly Rae Jepsen inspiring me up this hill (can you tell this one is a pet peeve??)

Besides the strange runners, I had a pretty good race. I went into it knowing I was going to be tired and it was going to be hot, so I just ran very relaxed. I tried to push my pace slightly but knew I was not going to be setting any records which in turn led to a great race. I felt good the whole time and when I was finished I felt great, despite asking myself how the heck I got here and did I really just run a half with 3.5 hours of sleep?

Who knows how I mustered up the energy, but I did it and now it was time to get back on the shuttle. I will say before getting on the shuttle, the finish area was very crowded and hard to navigate. Spectators were allowed to wander through which made getting to the water frustrating. Once crossing the finish, the first thing greeting the runners was pizza (gross!) and then there were snacks, protein drinks, and then FINALLY I found the water down the road. I thought it was weird, but there was plenty once I got there. I grabbed one and headed right to the shuttle, which I was dreading, but there were no lines and the loading area was very organized. The ride was only about 8 minutes, but the bus looked like someone had taken a hose to the inside of it. Sweat drenched every inch of the bus. It was gross, my bus buddy and I agreed that its just sweat and we were ok if one of us “dripped” on the other. Disgusting I know, but it was better than one of us awkwardly trying to wipe off the sweat.

Once back at the car, I toweled off and changed. I tried my best to look human again as I had made plans to meet up with my friend in the next town over of Newport. We had a great morning in Newport and I would love to spend more time there. We had breakfast at Diegos and drinks at The Landing. It was great and I could have spent all day there, but I knew I had an hour and half drive ahead of me and sleep was calling my name!

So now I have 49 days until my next race, Run to the Rock. I am sure it will be here fast, and I have alot of fun stuff in between to keep me busy. Oh and I haven’t mentioned this to anyone as I was too sad to acknowledge it, but Saturday was my last race in my 20’s. The next time I run I will be moved to a new age group…watch out 30-34 year olds, I am coming for ya!

Run On-


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