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A Severe case of the “Keys Disease”

on July 31, 2013

In just 24 hours the disease I suffer with year round will be temporally alleviated…don’t be alarmed, its only a case of the “Keys Disease”, which is my need to be in Key West as often as possible and never feel my time there is long enough. While I will probably always be longing to get down there for my next vacation, I am very fortunate that I get to travel there multiple times in a year or stay for extended times. So why Key West?

Decorating my house from top to bottom in Key West decor helps alleviate symptoms...

Decorating my house from top to bottom in Key West decor helps alleviate symptoms…

For those that have been there, you know it is a colorful place that offers probably the closest thing to true relaxation. You get to be exactly who you are and not worry one bit about the outfit you have on or if your hair is severely frizzing with the heavy humidity. I think this is one of the main reasons I wanted to be married there. Who wouldn’t want to be married in a place that you truly get to be who you are and feel relaxed?  People are nice, for the most part it is reasonably priced and safe, and here is the secret that I think people miss out on: while it has every aspect of truly being an island in the tropics….you are still in the good ol’ US of A. From Boston, we are in Key West in 5 hours, no passport needed. Don’t get me wrong there are still plenty of places in the tropics I want to explore, but Key West has become familiar to us, we don’t need a map and well when the island is only 3 miles long, we have covered it all.


To those that love to being “doing” alot on vacation, Key West might not be for you. We are the type of travelers that like to experience the local feel and do our own thing, resorts and all inclusive are not for us. This is where Key West suits us perfectly. We are able to rent a condo and go out to eat when we want, but also cook at home. We are close to local establishments and bike to where ever we feel like.

So if you are thinking about Key West for your next vacation here are some things to keep in mind:

  • There are beaches in Key West, in fact Smathers was rated one of the best in the world, but overall, beaches are not the main attraction.
  • Key West is not so kid friendly. We see families down there often, but there is not alot for them to do and honestly some places are better left for adults only.
  • The island is small but there is Old Town and New Town. You will find very cheap hotels in New Town, but you will be bummed as you won’t feel like you are on an island. Old Town is the place to stay to be close to different attractions, bars, and restaurants.
  • Here is my favorite…open containers are OK…kinda…while it is not officially ok to drink on the streets, bars will give you a drink to go. Its amazing. We walk everywhere when we are there, so of course we never mix drinking and driving. There is nothing like a roadie to get your day going.

All in all, check out Key West. You can get rested and relaxed in 3 days or 3 weeks. You can sit under a palm tree and read or head to Duval to drink up the social scene. Key West…here I come!

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