Running 13, 13.1's in 2013 and the thoughts along the way!

Thinkin’ on Thursdays

Another week of neglecting my blog, I will get back to it soon, I am making that promise to myself. While I am transitioning jobs, its been tough to get to a computer on a regular basis, but I will, I promise! Here is what I am thinking…

I had some good workouts this week, but still feeling out of the workout groove. I think I am having too much fun with the last few weeks of summer. A little more alcohol than usual and eating out really takes a toll on my body.

Not pleased with the BAA for opening the field to 36,000 for Boston in 2014. I really hope they are selective and keep the prestige that the race holds. If I hear one more person that has never run a road race tell me they are running Boston in 2014, I might lose it. 

With just a few days of summer left, I am very sad to see it go, but looking forward to things settling down and laying low for a while.

I am starting to feel the fall chill on the early morning runs, it feels like so long ago I was bundling up for my races. 

Going to get a 10 miler in tomorrow morning, hoping the double digit run will check me back into race mode with race #12 a week a way!

Excited to get a Red Sox game in this weekend as well as a cookout with the family, hoping for some summer weather. 

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I Would Walk 500 Miles…

…I mean run 500 miles!

As the next topic on hand from the Run with an Idea discussion group, we are talking about walking during a race. As in, can you call yourself a runner if you take walk breaks? I was excited for this one, as my opinion has changed over time and currently am in the camp of walking having a very small place in a road race.

When I started distance running, I did a run/walk training style. This was more for boredom than actual endurance and helped pass the miles. Over time, I would walk about a minute every half hour or usually when I needed a snack. Overtime, my comfort in running for long periods of time increased and the walking was phased out. Currently, I do not walk during a training run or race. I believe that if I am paying to run in a road race, I need to run.

While the above reflects my personal idea of the run walk/debate in my training, as a personal trainer I have a very different opinion. I don’t like being on both sides of the fence especially for this discussion group, but honestly if I believed in the above with my clients and others I have helped finish their first race I would not be very successful. Its all about the effort put in. I thought this quote from Runners World was very fitting coming in the other day:

“You don’t have to be elite to be a runner. It’s all about setting a target, giving your best effort to achieve it, and being proud of whatever that effort results in.”

So while I see people completing their race with the run/walk technique its all about the pride and effort put in and if that is what it takes to get them that, then I think walking does have its place.  I DON’T agree with those that sign up for a race and put zero effort into the training and then walk their race.

So what do you think, does walking have a place in the running world??

Please join the discussion and share your thoughts, there are some great prizes for the best comments!

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Thinkin’ on Thursdays

Wow things have been HECTIC in my life and unfortunately my blog had to take a back seat. But just like falling out of a fitness routine, there is always the option to regroup and get back into it. So here I am with with Thinkin’ on Thursdays missed, back on track! I must say what I have been thinking about wouldn’t have been that exciting with lots of stressful things to deal with, but here is what I am thinking this week…

I had a great week of workouts, my work life has changed a bit so the routine piece is off, but still have been uping the intensity and I think I have worked out the vacation out of my system

So I have been 30 for a week, and while I still cringe when I tell people how old I am, its not that bad…just a number!

Starting to feel the summer blues creeping in, but still have lots of fun stuff to pack in. This weekend celebrating a friends bachelorette party down the Cape. Maybe some beach time to extend my Key West tan??

Looking forward to getting my 7 miler done tomorrow, this will be my first “long” run since my trip. 

Races 12 and 13 are coming up fast and to be honest with the busyness of August, I have not thought about my challenge in awhile and can’t wait to get my focus back on the final 2!

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In My Next 30 Years…

Screen Shot 2013-08-13 at 7.42.17 PM

The day is here, well almost, but tomorrow I will be leaving my 20’s in the dust. A few weeks ago, I confirmed my registration for my final half for this year and the above image is what came back. My first reaction? There was a typo, I am not in the 30-34 age group, but then I realized I will be finishing my 13, 13.1’s in a different age group.

Am I am feeling old? sad? A little…but I am lucky to have people all around me that live by the great song lyrics of Jimmy Buffett that we are growing older, but not up. So here goes nothing, 30 here I come. I am pretty proud of what I have done for my first 30 years on this planet, many things that I would have never seen written in my cards, but every experience has brought me to where I am now, and that is pretty content and excited for what is next.

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Back to reality…


So here I am back from 10 days in Key West and it sure is HARD to get back into the swing of things. The theme of this weeks workouts is “regrouping” and by that, I am slowly easing back into the workouts and then next week I plan to really amp it up. While I loved my trip, I really enjoyed all aspects including no workouts (besides swimming in the pool) and eating what I felt like…oh and there may have been a large  amount few drinks consumed. On top of getting back from vacation, I am fighting an awful summer cold, which I feel has just made me feel even more in a funk. By Friday I will be back in full fitness mode!

Day 1 of regrouping:

I did this more for my cold due to being stuffed up, but it went well overall and felt AMAZING to move again!

30 minute walk/run interval

5 min walk/5 min run moderate pace

4 min walk/5 min run moderate pace

3 min walk/5 min run moderate/vig pace

2 min walk/ 1 min race pace

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Cleanse? No thanks!

I missed the original deadline for the 3rd discussion on Run with an Idea, I did want to share my thoughts, as I had just recently shared my experience with a liver cleanse. I can say very strongly that I am on Team HYPE side. While I think there can be some benefits to “resetting” your body, there really is never a reason to eat or drink only one type of food. I am still open to finding one that “really” makes me feel cleansed, but until then, I am skeptical. Here are a few reasons:

When has a human only eaten one type of food or only drink a liquid? When food was scarce there was still variety, there was a mix of protein, grains, etc. Of course there is different balances for different lifestyles, but still our bodies need many different nutrients from many different sources.

As someone who works out for over an hour a day, a cleanse is really hard to do. When I did mine, I am not really sure how I didn’t pass out, my energy was so low I knew it was doing more harm that good to my muscles.

How many people really stay reset AFTER a cleanse? Meaning, I have seen alot of my friend try different cleanses and while they loose 5lb in 2 days or what not, once the cleanse is over…back to their normal diet, which is not always the greatest.

As I said I am game to trying others especially if there is one for very active people…but for now I will stick with clean eating and living!

If you have been following the Run With an Idea series, it is a series of bi-weekly opinion blogs aimed to stimulate debate across a wide variety of bloggers covering a vast demographic and covering a range of health and fitness-related topics from the banal to the essential. We want to get you thinking about how opinions vary across the bloggosphere and we want to encourage you to openly discuss and debate at length. Share ideas. Share opinions. Debate is healthy.

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Thinkin’ on Thursdays

What am I thinking this Thursday? I am thinking that its time for 10 days of VACATION. Not a whole lot else I am thinking this week…

So I actually wrote out my thoughts on Wednesday…shhh its close enough, because by the time I post this I will be in Key West!!

I am going to be computer free as much as possible on vacation, so don’t be alarmed by the lack of posts, even a blog needs a vacation.

I have alot to post about when I get back, lots of changes including turning 30…ugh

Have a great weekend!

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