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Cleanse? No thanks!

on August 13, 2013

I missed the original deadline for the 3rd discussion on Run with an Idea, I did want to share my thoughts, as I had just recently shared my experience with a liver cleanse. I can say very strongly that I am on Team HYPE side. While I think there can be some benefits to “resetting” your body, there really is never a reason to eat or drink only one type of food. I am still open to finding one that “really” makes me feel cleansed, but until then, I am skeptical. Here are a few reasons:

When has a human only eaten one type of food or only drink a liquid? When food was scarce there was still variety, there was a mix of protein, grains, etc. Of course there is different balances for different lifestyles, but still our bodies need many different nutrients from many different sources.

As someone who works out for over an hour a day, a cleanse is really hard to do. When I did mine, I am not really sure how I didn’t pass out, my energy was so low I knew it was doing more harm that good to my muscles.

How many people really stay reset AFTER a cleanse? Meaning, I have seen alot of my friend try different cleanses and while they loose 5lb in 2 days or what not, once the cleanse is over…back to their normal diet, which is not always the greatest.

As I said I am game to trying others especially if there is one for very active people…but for now I will stick with clean eating and living!

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2 responses to “Cleanse? No thanks!

  1. I’m with you in ‘Team Hype’. We aren’t hummingbirds needing a nectar-like diet! A sensible diet balanced with exercise will keep you healthy and ticking over, without the need for drastic intervention.
    However, I know it works for some people, just read Neil’s post on Year Without Beer, but I htink these are the exception, not the norm!

    • I think that is why I still have a small sliver of interest still, I hear these cleanses that work so I think, maybe I just need to find the right one for me? But just like any nutrition or fitness plan, it will work differently for every person. Neil’s post definitely peaked my interest!

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