Running 13, 13.1's in 2013 and the thoughts along the way!

12 down…1 to go! Run to the Rock Recap

on September 11, 2013

Plymouth Rock!

So I am really dropping the ball with blogging, I just finished race number 12 and barely had time to write this! I have enjoyed doing this blog, but I am afraid it may need to be put on a shelf after I run number 13, but I do want to see this challenge through including blogging about it!

The Run to the Rock was a nice race, it was great weather and with one race left, I can say the weather gods were on my side for most of my runs. The race was in Plymouth and there was a disclaimer when signing up, that there would be hills and hill training was recommended. I wasn’t too worried, but they held true to their word. The course was challenging, but I would say all hills were short enough not to mess with my mind too much, there were just ALOT of them. It really didn’t flatten out until mile 9/10. The course itself was scenic with the first 6 miles in the Miles Standish Park which was pretty boring, but the roads were closed so I will not complain too much. Once we got closer to town, spectators started popping up and finally when I saw the ocean, I knew the rock was close.


The downside to this race was the start organization. While not giving an exact address to the start (just said College Pond) there were many of us driving down a dirt road completely lost. Luckily with plenty of time to regroup, we found it. There were no signs and the general lay out was disorganized. The finish area was much more organized with post race refreshments and swag. I did like that they gave the t-shirts out AFTER the race, I think this makes it a little more valuable and allows runners to earn their shirt.

matt and shannon

Overall, I had a good race, as I have mentioned in previous posts (the few I have written!) I have had a busy August with lots of fun events. Those fun events definitely took a toll on my body and I have felt sluggish, but it seems the race woke up the muscles and reminded them they can run a comfortable race. So while it was not my fastest, I thought it was going to be alot worse. Here we go, I really can’t believe its here, number 13 this Sunday.  I have been thinking about this race since I ran around Manhattan in sub zero temps back in January, I am very excited and to make it even better in my own city.

Boston 13. 1, here I come!

Run On-


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