Running 13, 13.1's in 2013 and the thoughts along the way!


I am not into gear, this may be one of my biggest dislikes about running. There are so many things out there to “supposedly” make you a better runner, when really it is one of the simplest activities you can do. With that being said, you still need things that make you comfortable while you run, so here is my current “gear” list. Of course every runner is different, so this list is what works for me! I will add pictures as I get more high tech…


Running Sleeves


These are a must, I actually have had mine for so long, I can’t remember where I got them but Gypsyrunner.com sells them in tons of different colors and patterns. Of course, I had to get the flames, the more random my outfit the better. Besides looking like I have full sleeve tattoos, these sleeves are perfect for a run that starts out chilly and may warm up quickly. You can just either pull down the sleeves to what feels comfortable or just take them off completely. You can tie them around your waist without being overly bulky like a long sleeve shirt.

Nike Women’s Tech Running Capris

This is another oldie but goodie, I have had these tights for years and sadly they are starting to show their wear. This is nothing against Nike, they are just that old and I wear them ALL the time in the spring and summer. I love the length as someone with a little bigger leg, chaffing is always a worry, these tights don’t move and are comfortable. I love the length which is just below the knee, I actually were these in the spring AND summer and feel just right temperature wise.  On top of that, they actually look pretty good which is a nice bonus. Since I have bought these, Nike has made changes to improve the capris over the years, I am thinking of adding a new pair to the mix, but still just come back to the originals. Why fix it if it isn’t broken?

PhD Run Ultra Light Micro Sock by Smartwool


These are my new favorite running socks. My Mom gave them to me as a valentines day gift (nothing says love, like socks) a few weeks ago and they have been my go to ever since. I knew Smartwool for their more “earthy” socks for hiking and skiing, but these socks are ultra light weight and breathe great. I have a weird thing with having my socks come above my shoe, I hate the way it looks on me, so these socks are perfect no-show socks. I am not sure of the price on these socks, but no blisters and keep your feet warm on the chilly mornings, are well worth it!

Kinvara 2’s


So this isn’t really a piece of “Spring Gear” but I did get another pair of Kinvaras this past weekend at the Saucony outlet. If you haven’t already figured out my love for Saucony, you get to hear it now. I have been running in Sauconys ever since I started taking running seriously and have moved around to different “models” over the years. I have been hooked on the Kinvaras for over a year. They are super light, very breathable, but keep your feet warm and dry. They come in neon green which I love, but sadly this trip to the Saucony store only produced the white and pink version. I know the color of my shoes means nothing…but still I love the bright green. Much like my Nike capris, I need to start buying multiples of things that I really like to run in. I don’t know why companies need to change good things so fast!

Other Spring Gear that you will find in my closet:

Nike Women’s Loose Tri Blend V-Neck T-Shirt

2009 Adidas Boston Marathon Jacket (Light weight breathable jacket, a must for the rainy days)

North Face Visor

Cheapo Sport Sunglasses

Sunscreen (This is a year round must, but with more daylight running hours, its extra important!)

The What to Wear Tool from Runners World, Check it out: http://www.whattoweartool.com/


Nike Women’s Pro Combat Hyperwarm Half Zip Training Shirt

As someone who is always cold this shirt is one of the best pieces of gear I own, I run outside in any weather and this shirt keeps you toasty. An added bonus is that I have it in neon orange and it has thumb holes. Its going to cost you a pretty penny, but well worth it! I only own one, so if I am out for a run and its cold, you are guaranteed to see me in this.

Reebok Women’s Cold Weather Color Blocked Tights or Lululemon Get Up and Glow Tight

So again comfort is the priority here, my reebok tights I got for 20 bucks on sale and my lululemon tights I got as a gift and am guessing they were way more than 20 bucks. Both are great in the cold weather and fit well causing no need for body glide. The lululemons have great pockets on the legs which are great for stuffing with keys, gu, ipod, etc. If you are someone like me who HATES carrying things while I run, check these out

Saucony ProGrid Kinvara 2


I am loyal to Saucony, I have been since I starting taking running seriously. I have not been loyal to the “model” of shoes and have gone from the Ride, to the Triumph,  and now in the Kinvara 2. I love this shoe, I have not bought into barefoot running or other crazy things that the sneaker companies boast. I started off by going to a running store and getting their opinion on what I should run in. I don’t have a crazy gait, pronation, supination, or any of the other terms you might hear when you are waiting at the starting line of a race, so I started off with a shoe that provides cushion and comfort. From year to year, Saucony changes their shoes, sometimes just enough that I need to look for a new “model”. It is frustrating because many times I get hooked on a shoe and they go and change something about it! So because of my current love of the Kinvara 2, I have stocked up and bought multiple pairs, so when they are sent to Saucony heaven, I still have a pair on hand. This shoe is super light and is marketed as a minimalist style shoe, but there is plenty of cushion and does not give off the barefoot vibe.

Jacob Ash Hot Shot Camo Fleece Mittens

Yup I run with camo mittens! As you will see as I post pictures, I do not care what I look like when I run if I am warm, then I am happy! These mittens are amazing, usually my hands are hot wearing these, but they have the option to fold back the mittens and vent out those digits!  I found these at Dicks on a whim in the hunting section. I have never had warm hands until I found these, who cares if you look like you are about to get in a tree stand!

Pearl Izumi Barrier Skull Cap


This may be the piece that will confirm my lack of caring what I look like while I am out on the road. This hat was another find on a whim. Sure its not even a hat, its a helmet liner, but to make it even better I have it in awful pale pink color. I think they took it off their website because the color was so bad and came out with a simple black version. I will let you decide based on the picture above what this hat vaguely looks like…besides the male part resemblance this hat keeps you warm, including covering your ears completely.

Other gear that keeps me going

Nike Wide Sports Bands-When I am not wearing my awesome hat, headbands are a must. I have a ton of hair and these bands hold everything in place and last a long time without getting all stretched out. They come in a ton of colors

Sunglasses-I have a cheapo pair of shades from Cabellas (I am starting to notice my preference towards hunting gear) They are light and don’t fog up. I am usually running in the dark, so I don’t wear them often but they have come in handy on race day

Sports Bras-I am not loyal to one sports bra, usually the outlets is where I score a good find. Nike Adidas, Reebok, I have tried them all and because they are so expensive, whatever fits and is cheap, is what I go with. One small note-I do have a sports bra that is City Sports Brand, that I HAVE to wear for races. I have run every marathon, half, and most 10k/5ks in this bra…yes its probably time to retire it but it is still holing up! Check out City Sports brand, if you are in the area, you can find some good hidden gems!


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